About us

“Create a world where power is affordable, clean, and sustainable for you — and for future generations.”

Here at Power Advice, we provide free comprehensive resources and content to educate the public on power, renewable energy, and ways to save yourself time and money when it comes to your energy bill. Efficient usage has a direct link to affordability, which is something that everyone — homeowners, renters, businesses, municipalities — can benefit from. When one wins, so do the others. We seek to help eradicate energy poverty on a global scale and create change that can be implemented in every home.

Our team consists of respected individuals in the renewable and non-renewable energy fields, seasoned writers and researchers, and everyday people who just have a passion for energy conservation with widespread application. Our community includes environmental scientists, electrical engineers, alternative energy installers, and emergency preparedness consultants, among many others.

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You can trust that all of our articles are fact-based and researched with sources from scientific journals, authorities in the field of energy, and real-time statistics and data collection. The power economy doesn’t have to be mysterious. We believe in spreading detailed, easy to understand, and accurate information to ensure that everyone is given the tools they need to become their own energy expert. All of our power saving recommendations have been tested and vetted for real-world application and ease.

We spread energy awareness to communities of all socio-economic backgrounds with programs, resources, and easy ways to save money on heat, electricity, and water — all while reducing their carbon footprint. It’s not all about expensive upgrades to solar panels and wind turbines, that just isn’t a realistic expectation for every household. There are strategies that can be used by individuals and corporate entities that don’t cost a dime in equipment replacement.

“Energy should be available to everyone, which is why our community outreach efforts are so important.”

Knowledge is power, and power is our passion! We provide the resources and simplify the technical jargon to help the public make informed decisions about energy that best suit their needs. You don’t have to come with a technical background or professional experience to understand the impact power has on daily life; and understanding your power consumption is life-changing.